Bitcoin Wallet # 1 — the easiest way to create a Bitcoin Wallet.

Download a wallet to your phone or create one online.

bitcoin wallet

Secure and anonymous Bitcoin wallet

Everyone should be able to create a bitcoin wallet anonymously and securely.
Without verification. No blocking. Without AML and KYC.
Your Keys are your Bitcoins.


1. Reliable and safe.

2. Easy to use.

3. Funds belong only to you.

4. Anonymous sending and receiving funds.

5. Free, no fees and no limits.

bitcoin wallet

1. Create a Bitcoin Wallet

To create a Bitcoin wallet (BTC) - download and install a mobile application on your phone or open a crypto wallet online.

Make sure you are on the official website
Create a Bitcoin Wallet

2. Top up Your Wallet Balance

Top up your wallet balance in a way convenient for you: from the usual transfers from cards to instant exchanges from blockchains of other cryptocurrencies.
bitcoin wallet balance

3. Send Bitcoins or Store in Wallet

Send bitcoin anonymously and without commission. There are no limits on the minimum and maximum payment amount. Store securely, like in a cold bitcoin wallet.
send bitcoins